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I haven’t been blogging much lately for a variety of reasons, but I still receive a lot of solicitations to put up blog posts for all sorts of entrepreneurs thinking I need content. The last thing I need is content – it’s the overwhelming quantity of content I have to put down in writing that keeps me from putting it down in the first place, though I’ve managed to put down almost 40,000 words in a draft manuscript related to the eleven months of saying Kaddish for my father who died very unexpectedly at age 79 in February (I’ve got about two weeks left until the full eleven months is completed). The tradition is described like this in one resource:

The final period of formal mourning is avelut, which is observed only for a parent. This period lasts for twelve months after the burial. During that time, mourners avoid parties, celebrations, theater and concerts. For eleven months of that period, starting at the time of burial, the son of the deceased recites the mourner’s Kaddish every day.

But earlier today, I got a cheery email through this blog’s contact feature. It said WLST had been selected for a top Cleveland blog list. My first thought was, if they selected a more or less dormant blog like WLST for a top 40 list, then I’m not sure I’d trust the list. So I visited the link they provided – Top 40 Cleveland Blogs Awards – and here’s what they write:

Though currently on hiatus, Jill Miller Zimon’s blog on political issues and civic engagement is a great archive of the best in Cleveland-area political analysis.

Now how nice is that? At least as nice as “always thoughtful, rarely brief” from the Plain Dealer back in 2006. I think Ohio Daily fits this niche as well and of course Plunderbund was cited.

I have no idea how many words are contained across the thousands of posts in WLST, but now that it’s in its eleventh year, and – surprise for anyone reading this, I’m running for the Ohio statehouse House District 12 again (a contested Democratic primary – I rarely do anything the easy way) – I suspect I’ll have a few things to say that really should go in this blog.

Happy blog reading – and thanks, 216digital, for the honor. Kinda cool after all these years.

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