How do you solve a problem like the Donald?

Donald Trump went on yet another Twitter tirade Sunday. For anyone keeping track, there was this one and this one in July, this one in September, a mini one in October during the Veep debate, this one about “Hamilton” earlier this month and then this one barely a week ago – oh wait, that was the SNL Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin.

During this post-Thanksgiving tweet treat, the President-elect falsely claimed that millions of people voted illegally, thereby depriving him of the popular vote win to go along with his electoral college win (not a landslide). And the crowd went wild. We were upset about the media not using the words “false” or “lie” in their headlines. And we were upset about the irony: the candidate who drummed up paranoia of a rigged election, to hedge against his losing, is now so miserable with the idea of people knowing he isn’t as great as he thinks he is, since he didn’t win the popular vote, that he must cast doubt on the popular vote total as being legitimate, even though he won the election.

Hmm – hold on – shouldn’t all this instead mean that Mr. Trump would be supporitive of Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton’s people pursuing a vote recount in Wisconsin and maybe Michigan and Pennsylvania? To, you know, show everyone all those illegally cast votes…oops, no, that doesn’t work either, since the illegal votes Mr. Trump has in mind are in New Hampshire, among other states Mrs. Clinton won.

So, as Mr. Trump mutters into the microphone, “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. You nasty women, you!”, we’ve got a the leader-in-waiting of the free world into his second full day of carrying on. Tonight, he is having Twitter conversations with people who have as few as 176 followers (many of whom have Twitter porn handles) in which he’s attacking CNN and reporter Jeff Zeleny.

We know Mr. Trump is the opposite of No Drama Obama but really, how do you solve a problem like the Donald? He isn’t even sworn in yet and we are past neglect or reckless disregard for our country if we install him as is. We would be knowingly putting our country in the hands of someone who will commit all kinds of violations previously condemned (self-dealing, abuse of power, nepotism, ethical and financial conflicts of interest) by him and the establishment he now represents, no matter who doesn’t like that fact.

If an employer took on an employee with Mr. Trump’s background and temperament, that employer would be assuming all sorts of liability.

I’ll get into the whole 25th Amendment, Section 4 thing tomorrow, but practically speaking, and especially in the short term, how do we solve a problem like the Donald?

Understand that he is driving and controlling the narrative only so long as we let him. This isn’t just media-speak. This is his ego and his drive to keep his version of reality intact. Those are what drive absolutely every decision he makes to do anything. If we don’t want to be driven by it, then we must get back to what any of us do and do that thing. This isn’t about not calling out what he’s doing as ill dysfunctional gaslighting. But it is about getting back to whatever the jobs are that we were doing before he sought to make everything about him.

Living with a personality like Mr. Trump’s in your life on a daily basis means living with someone who is always going to wrangle the narrative to be about him. Always. This is no mumbo jumbo. Just look at the last 180 or so days of our lives as Americans trying to endure an election cycle. It is both this simple and this sad.

You know how the Biden-Obama memes have Obama always having more or less the same deadpan tone, to send the message to Biden that it’s just not gonna happen, whatever goofy thing he wishes they’d do? We must take on a similar veneer with Mr. Trump and then go about our business.

Now, being ignored isn’t something Mr. Trump takes well. That will make him rage. No matter. We have got to develop coping mechanisms, people. And learning how to re-direct back to our work, our jobs, our missions, our tasks – and the people who depend on us for whatever it is they depend on us for, that is what we have got to get back to.

So long as Mr. Trump can keep us from any and all of that, he is driving the narrative. That has got to end, or it will be the end of us.

One thought on “How do you solve a problem like the Donald?

  1. Jill,

    Listening to the NPR stories about the recounts I was taken with how many times the phrase, “claimed without any evidence that” was used in the story.

    That is a good start, but we need to progress to simply “lied.”


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